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This new service will boost your daily web campaign traffic to your landing page, websites, blogs and videos which can gain you additional customers, brand awareness, better rankings, and video views. We siphon traffic from the most popular search engine, social media viral platforms to provide you with quality fresh traffic mainly US traffic for your websites and offers.


Our Services

We provide you with daily web campaign traffic to your landing pages, websites, blogs and videos which can gain you additional customers, brand awareness, better rankings, and video views.

* Boost Search Engine Ranking
* Boost Search Engine Views
* Increase Video Positions
* Increase Video Views
* Attract New Customers
* Increase Sales Potential
* Increase Brand Awareness
Real People Traffic Visits
Package 1 – 1,000 Visits $19.00
Package 2 – 5,000 Visits $35.00
Package 3 – 10,000 Visits $45.00
Package 4 – 25,000 Visits $75.00
Package 5 – 50,000 Visits $97.00

Visitor Traffic Packages

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How This Guaranteed “Real People Clicks” Service Works

STEP 1. Pay For Service. You will then receive a confirmation email. Proceed to step 2 upon receipt.


To begin with, I use a URL service called utt.ly. I use this because I like the click traffic details this URL shortener provides about a campaign, pretty cool breakdown of where you clicks are coming from, type of device, social media click break down, GEO location and more. So as your campaign continues. You just log into your utt.ly account and review your stats.

  1. Go to utt.ly and create a free account.
  2. Insert your target URL and shorten it.
  3. Email me your shortened utt.ly link.

That’s it. Upon receipt I will process your order. I will confirm receipt. The within an hour you should see the beginning of traffic start trickling in. These clicks from real people will continue until you have received 100% of your order. Then if you like it re-order.


By placing an order you strictly agree to these terms of service. We are strictly providing visitors to your website only. We make no promises as to any actions they may take once they see your offer, including taking any and all actions you deem beneficial. Our refund policy is strictly based on our performance in fulfilling the quantity of visitors you request. Should me not be able to fulfill the quantity of visitors of your order. At our discretion we can create additional campaigns to meet fulfillment requirements or refund the purchase price at our discretion.


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Local SEO Website & Video Boost – Guaranteed Results

Thank You for your interest in our Local SEO Boost Program
This service covers guaranteed boosting your local web page on Google in less than 90 days or your video to a top 5 rank in Youtube in 1 Week.
Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales from your website
Before accepting your order we must evaluate your website to see if it qualifies for this service.
Not Everyone Qualifies for this service

Top Reasons for not qualifying:

Bait & Switch Sites
Thin Content Sites
Poorly Configured Sites
Sites with no ability to convert
As mentioned above, if you do not qualify we will help guide you in fixing your site so that you do qualify.

Sorry, but we simply will not take on clients we can not help. But at least you will get some top quality
advice in the case that you don’t qualify.

I look forward to speaking with you and giving your site the SEO Boost it deserves.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our SEO Boost Service will move at least one of your local keywords to page one of Google in the organic search results within 90 days. In the rare case that it takes longer we will run the service free until we reach that goal for up to one year.

On average we get local keywords boosted to page one in far less time that 90 days for sites that qualify but this is our minimum performance guarantee for your piece of mind.

Services as low as $47 per month.