Hydra Light


It’s not very often that you get an email from a marketer who is offering you a 100% FREE tool, no strings attached, no upsells, no purchases, nada. But, THAT is exactly what I am offering today. A brand new Youtube tool that will watch videos on Youtube from other computers in the network, for free. IN RETURN You get free views for your videos.

All you need to do is Click Here to go to the download link for the tool in my Google Drive, download it and install it on your PC. This will not install on apple, unless you run it in parallels. Please do not install on a VPS or use proxies with it. The tool will run completely in your background, you only need to put in your video url and hit start and the Hydra Light will do everything else for you.

Click Here to watch the Install Video.

In future updates, you will be able to get likes and subscriptions from it for your youtube channel.

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If you have friends that you know that would benefit from this awesome tool, send it to them and get them to download and run it. The more people that are running this, the more views you will be able to get for your videos.


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